The Covation 3D Foundry introduces 3D Printing in a new and powerful way to the Williamsport area.  We provide 3D design and printing services using a wide range of materials, from traditional PLA and ABS plastics, to nylon and nylon-carbon fiber materials. We can even print using some of the more “exotic” materials. In addition, using our high-end printer we can strengthen products with kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber strands making production quality, machine ready, parts.

3D Printing let’s YOUR imagination dictate what we can do. Whether it’s customized molds for candy, foods, and ice-pops, or replacement parts for your antique car, we have the team to work with you and find the best solution.

The 3D Foundry is designed as a high end complete 3D manufacturing facility with a mission–to provide high quality 3D printing production across the full range of 3D printable materials.  While this vision was born out of a desire to meet the growing need to provide limited run production of various parts no longer in production, the flexibility and opportunities with 3D printing in no way limit us.  The 3D Foundry is capable of manufacturing a wide range of parts for restaurants, manufacturers, vehicles, machinery, and other industrial items that would require large production runs in traditional manufacturing approaches.

The business case here is simple:  While the per unit cost will be higher, the ability to produce “on demand” will reduce the total cost of ownership by only purchasing what’s required, eliminating capital costs, inventory carrying costs, and obsolescence of inventory costs.